Store & share your safety certifications, right from your phone

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Need to validate a training record for an employee? Simple enter in their name, e-mail, or ID to bring up their profile if it is a public profile.

A simple way to store and share all of your digital and paper-based certifications in one accessible and secure online location.

A mobile friendly website that will work on any device whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Accessing and display your safety training anywhere, anytime.

How it works

Using is incredibly easy. Simply create an account, transfer your certificate(s), and share them.

It's that simple.

  • Take your safety training

  • Earn your certificate or digital badge

  • Create an account on

  • Share your certifications

For employees

On a jobsite you can easily display your certifications from your mobile device to validate your safety training.

For employers & safety checks

Access employee's public training certifications to view their uploaded certifications and digitally verifiable certifications.

Digital Badges

Simple. Flexible. Secure.

Digital certifications offer a number of benefits over paper certifications including: increased security, portability, and are sharable on social media, email, and SMS.

We believe that digital Badges and/or online certifications will replace paper certificates and/or wallet cards in the future, but for now, we simply offer it as another form of validation for you or your employees.

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