What is a Digital Badge?

A Digital Badge is an online representation of a skill or accomplishment you've earned. Digital Badges are used to identify and validate a learner's achievements with additional benefits over traditional paper certificates or PDFs. Represented by a graphical image, Digital Badges are embedded with secure information detailing the specific learner and the new credential.

Do I need to print, sign and upload each certificate?

Each employer has their own set of requirements. For paper based certificates, we recommend signing your certificate(s) before scanning and uploading to The certificates you receive through online providers and transfer to are already digitially signed and verifiable.

Uploading my certificate doesn't work

Documents can be uploaded as PDFs, PNGs, or JPEGs. If you're still having issues uploading, please contact us for assistance.

Who can see my profile?

You have complete control over the access to your profile. You can give access to your entire profile or just a single certificate. You can revoke someone's access to your profile at any time.

How do I share on to my social media accounts?

From your profile page, you can click the various share icons, such as Facebook, located below your certificate or digital badge. You may be asked to login if you choose to share to social media.

What if my employer doesn't accept my digital certificate?

In the event your digital certificates are not accepted by your employer, you can easily print all of your certificates and provide them hardcopies.

What happens when my certificate expires?

You will be notified 30 days in advance of a certificate or digital badge expiration. We recommend retaking the course/program before expiration to ensure you stay current.

How do I print my digital certificate?

Certificates can be printed by pressing the "View PDF/Details" button below the certificate. In your web browser, you can press the print button to print the certificate.

How do I disable or hide my certificate?

If you would like to stop sharing a digital badge or certificate, you can do so from the "view shares" button on your profile page.

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